Combination Ladders

As one of the most versatile ladder options on the market, combination ladders are ideal when a free-standing ladder just won’t cut it! Combination ladders can be used in a number of configurations to complete jobs when a supporting wall isn’t available. Browse our extensive range of combination ladders here.

Why choose a combination ladder?

Don’t be left stranded next time you need to reach up high on uneven ground. Combination ladders are the perfect access solution for environments such as stairways, hallways and other open spaces. 

Why? Because they can be configured in numerous different ways to provide you with a stable workspace in almost any environment! Whether you need an extension ladder a stairwell work platform or a step ladder, a combination ladder is capable of doing it all. Simply adjust the different sections of the ladder to suit your requirements. 

We have combination ladders made of various different materials including steel and aluminium. Our glass fibre combination ladders are particularly great for electricians because they're non-conductive and incombustible!

Not sure which combination ladder is right for you? We have a team of experts on hand who can offer advice and can even take your combination ladder order over the phone! Contact us here.

Why choose a combination ladder?
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