Class 1 platform Steps With Handrails

Class 1 platform Steps With Handrails

With health and safety being so strict on construction sites and major plants these days it is very hard for many ladders, step ladders to be given the green light and deemed “fit for purpose”. Although health and safety officers are only doing a job it can leave the workers a little annoyed as they are left waiting for access equipment to be deemed suitable for the job and signed off.

So,,, with that in mind let us introduce “Class 1 Industrial Platform Steps With Handrails”

A simple addition of dual handrails to the standard class 1 industrial platform steps gives this step ladder a massive advantage over the traditional step ladder.

Its HSE friendly.

Health and safety gets tighter and tighter every year. If a step ladder is to be used on site this one ticks all the boxes.

These are still the traditional class 1 industrial step ladders and still have a max load of 175kg but have had a minor make over to make them that little bit more appealing to the H&S Officer.

To sum up, these steps are becoming more and more popular. It wont be long before every H&S Officer insists on the work force using class 1 steps with handrails. It makes it look like they are doing their job by tightening up on working at height.

So ….. These steps have a minor addition…. which I guess doubles the price of the whole item right???  WRONG…..  These class 1 Industrial platform steps with fitted handrails are generally only £18.00 more expensive than standard class 1 platform steps.

Still …. at the end of the day they are still step ladders so I cant continue writing all day as im sure you will be asleep if I keep you any longer.

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