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Fort Atlas Steps

Reference: MS1203M
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Product Information


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Product Code
Stored Height
Platform Height
Size: 3 Tread
Product Code: MS1203M
Stored Height: 1.75m
Width: 690mm
Depth: 810mm
Platform Height: 0.75m
Weight: 32.00kg
Price: £833.00
Size: 4 Tread
Product Code: MS1204M
Stored Height: 2.00m
Width: 690mm
Depth: 970mm
Platform Height: 1.00m
Weight: 36.00kg
Price: £928.00
Size: 5 Tread
Product Code: MS1205M
Stored Height: 2.25m
Width: 780mm
Depth: 1130mm
Platform Height: 1.25m
Weight: 40.00kg
Price: £1,145.00
Size: 6 Tread
Product Code: MS1206M
Stored Height: 2.50m
Width: 830mm
Depth: 1290mm
Platform Height: 1.50m
Weight: 44.00kg
Price: £1,361.00
Size: 7 Tread
Product Code: MS1207M
Stored Height: 2.75m
Width: 880mm
Depth: 1450mm
Platform Height: 1.75m
Weight: 48.00kg
Price: £1,526.00
Size: 8 Tread
Product Code: MS1208M
Stored Height: 3.00m
Width: 930mm
Depth: 1610mm
Platform Height: 2.00m
Weight: 52.00kg
Price: £1,627.00
Size: 9 Tread
Product Code: MS1209M
Stored Height: 3.25m
Width: 980mm
Depth: 1770mm
Platform Height: 2.25m
Weight: 56.00kg
Price: £1,799.00
Size: 10 Tread
Product Code: MS1210M
Stored Height: 3.50m
Width: 1030mm
Depth: 1930mm
Platform Height: 2.50m
Weight: 62.00kg
Price: £2,073.00
Size: 11 Tread
Product Code: MS1211M
Stored Height: 3.75m
Width: 1080mm
Depth: 2090mm
Platform Height: 2.75m
Weight: 68.00kg
Price: £2,353.00
Size: 12 Tread
Product Code: MS1212M
Stored Height: 4.00m
Width: 1130mm
Depth: 2250mm
Platform Height: 3.00m
Weight: 74.00kg
Price: £2,534.00
Size: 13 Tread
Product Code: MS1213M
Stored Height: 4.25m
Width: 1180mm
Depth: 2410mm
Platform Height: 3.25m
Weight: 87.00kg
Price: £2,684.00
Size: 14 Tread
Product Code: MS1214M
Stored Height: 4.50m
Width: 1230mm
Depth: 2570mm
Platform Height: 3.50m
Weight: 93.00kg
Price: £2,969.00
Size: 15 Tread
Product Code: MS1215M
Stored Height: 4.75m
Width: 1280mm
Depth: 2730mm
Platform Height: 3.75m
Weight: 99.00kg
Price: £3,120.00
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Use type:Heavy Duty
Guarantee:1 Year Guarantee
Max Load:150kg

Product Description


  • Tread Depth: 145mm

  • Max Load - 150kg

  • Platform Dims:  550 x 380mm (W x D)

  • Fully welded construction with expanded mild steel mesh treads

  • Unique Grip Lift Mechanism to operate the retractable castor

  • Mobile on 2 x 160mm Black Rubber Tyred Wheels & 2 x 100mm swivel nylon castors

  • Double Sided Handrails

  • Easy to manoeuvre

  • Rear Platform handrail Height 1.0m




Medium Duty Mobile Steps offer a sturdy and robust access with double sided handrails. Unique easy to use handle retracts the castors ensure that the steps will not move whilst in use. Mild steel mesh treads help limit slip whilst walking up / down the steps.


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