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5-Way Ladders from Ladders UK Direct

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we like to do what we can to make your life as simple as possible. Whether you need a ladder for professional or DIY use, our 5-way ladders will do the job.

What is a 5 way ladder?

5 way ladders, also often referred to as combination ladders, are diverse tools that are designed to be adaptable and function as a range of different types of ladders. 5 way ladders are typically able to function as a work platform, scaffold, step ladder, leaning ladder, and stairway ladder.

Why buy a 5-way ladder?

Our 5-way ladders are the Swiss Army knives of the height access world. Why would you buy 5 ladders for 5 different jobs when you can buy one, 5-way ladder that will enable you to do them all! No matter what kind of ladder you need for a given job, you won't need to worry as long as you've got a 5-way ladder with you! Our 5-way ladders are especially popular with self-employed tradespeople who need to complete a variety of jobs while carrying minimal equipment.

If you have any questions about our 5-way ladders, please contact Ladders UK Direct today.

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