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12 Sep 2023


Replacing a staircase is a daunting task, and may trigger the need for planning permission. Read on to find out more.

When Do You Need Planning Permission?

Planning permission is something to be aware of whenever you’re planning to renovate your property. Depending on your intentions, you may need to obtain permission from local planning authorities to before you make a start.

You only need planning permission if you want to:

• Build something new, such as a large conservatory or shed
• Make a major change to your building, like adding an extension
• Change the use of your building

So, if you’re doing something on the inside of your house, like putting in a new staircase, it’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission.

Staircase Ideas

Installing a new staircase, or even repositioning an older staircase, can really change your living space. There are plenty of inspiring staircase designs and ideas out there to bring your living space to life.

If you’re moving a staircase within your home, changing one style for another, or adding a new one for a mezzanine or loft conversion, you probably won’t need planning permission.

It’s still worth contacting your local planning authority just in case. Getting clarification before you start the project saves a lot of potential bother later on.

Outdoor Stairs

Adding a staircase to the outside of your home might trigger planning permission laws. It depends on where you’re intending to install it, and what kind of staircase it is. Adding outdoor steps is unlikely to require planning permission. But adding an outdoor staircase might.

There are different regulations for internal and external staircases, and these can even differ between councils. This is why we recommend contacting your local planning authorities before starting your project. In the world of construction, it’s far better to ask permission than forgiveness.

If you have any queries about installing staircases, planning permission, or any of our products, feel free to contact us. Our customer care team will be more than happy to help.

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