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21 Feb 2022

builder on ladder holding paintbrush

A ladder stand-off is an ingenious piece of technology that allows wide range and flexibility as you use a ladder, without sacrificing your personal safety. It's essentially a metal bracket that fixes to the rungs of your ladder; metal hooks fix it securely into place, and feet protrude outwards to balance the ladder against the wall.

The legs press against the wall surface in lieu of the ladder, holding it away from the wall giving you a greater range of motion and accessibility. This also prevents you from having to lean back dangerously to reach angles you couldn't reach before; an action that could potentially cause a serious accident.


09 Feb 2022

national apprenticeship week

It's National Apprenticeship Week, which means it's time for us to take a moment for the apprentices across the country and thank them for their contribution to our nation's workforce! Apprentices make up a huge part of important trade industries including gas, electric and construction. There's always a demand for more tradespeople, and without talented apprentices, we'd struggle to keep a lot of our industries afloat.