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27 Apr 2020

Ladder leaning against wall

Ladders are very useful when you need to access a hard-to-reach area, but they can be dangerous if misused.

When you're on a ladder, be sure to avoid these 10 potentially risky behaviours:


23 Apr 2020

Step ladder


We don't want you to get hurt while you're using your step ladder, so here's some helpful step ladder safety advice from the experts here at Ladders UK Direct.


How to use a step ladder

  • Give your step ladder a brief visual inspection before use. Make sure there are no signs of damage. (See also: How often should ladders be inspected?)

  • Make sure all of the ladder's feet are firmly on the ground and keep them in contact with the ground at all times.

  • Don't work on a step ladder for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Step ladders are ideal for quick, low-risk jobs. If you need to work at height for more than, say, half an hour, you should consider an alternative access solution.

  • Don't overreach. Instead of stretching to reach something, get down and reposition the ladder as needed.

22 Apr 2020

Want to make better use of your loft? Wish your attic were easier to access? Learn how to install a loft ladder with this easy-to-follow guide from Ladders UK Direct!

Man using a loft ladder

Pictured: Youngman Deluxe 2-Section Aluminium Loft Ladder

Please note that the correct installation method may vary from one product to the next. When you purchase your loft ladder, read the accompanying instructions carefully to ensure you don't install your ladder wrong.


15 Apr 2020

If you're self-quarantining right now because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), why not use this opportunity to do a bit of DIY around the house?

DIY home improvement

A lot of us are going to be stuck at home for the next few weeks, and with all the restaurants, bars, gyms and cinemas currently closed, you may well have a lot of free time on your hands right now.

But why spend those vacant hours in front of the TV when you could use them to do a spot of DIY? This lockdown is the perfect time to tackle all those odd jobs you've been putting off for months!


11 Apr 2020

Ladders leaning against a wall

Inspect your ladder around 2 to 4 times a year.

Falling from a ladder can lead to injury and even death, so it's important to ensure that your ladder is stable and free of defects before you use it.