If you're self-quarantining right now because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), why not use this opportunity to do a bit of DIY around the house?

DIY home improvement

A lot of us are going to be stuck at home for the next few weeks, and with all the restaurants, bars, gyms and cinemas currently closed, you may well have a lot of free time on your hands right now.

But why spend those vacant hours in front of the TV when you could use them to do a spot of DIY? This lockdown is the perfect time to tackle all those odd jobs you've been putting off for months!

And just in case your to-do list is currently empty, here are 20 home DIY ideas to keep you off the sofa until the pubs reopen...

  1. Recolour an old room with new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint.

  2. Clear out the shed or garage.

  3. Give the bathroom a proper clean to get everything sparkling!

  4. Sort out that squeaky hinge that's been getting on your nerves.

  5. Try your hand at upcycling - here's a guide for beginners.

  6. Tidy up your garden or outdoor space - you need it now more than ever!

  7. Fix any rips or tears in your favourite clothes.

  8. Hang a picture on your wall.

  9. Reseal around the edge of your bath or shower.

  10. Put up some extra shelves for all those books you'll be reading while you self-isolate.

  11. Unblock the sink (especially if water has been taking a while to drain away lately).

  12. Clean your oven - all that grease and grime may cause problems down the line!

  13. Defrost the freezer - frost takes up valuable space and makes the appliance less efficient.

  14. Fix that tap that won't stop dripping.

  15. Go through the kitchen cupboards and get rid of anything that's expired.

  16. Get your toolbox out and fix any wobbly furniture.

  17. Paint your home's external walls - see Can I Paint My House During Lockdown?

  18. Repair any loose floorboards...or re-floor the room completely!

  19. Dust the cobwebs out of those hard-to-reach corners.

  20. Clean your windows to make sure you can see through them clearly.

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