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Hop Ups

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Hop-up steps provide a stable, moveable platform for domestic or industrial use. When you're working at a low level, but need a little extra height to reach corners or ceilings, a hop up step is the perfect solution. We even offer specialist hop up steps that are designed for use in stairwells.

Choose from our compact, foldable and jumbo hop-up options below.

Hop Up Platform
Hop Up Platform
£94.00 inc VAT
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Hailo Stair Work Platform
Hailo Stair Work Platform
£124.00 inc VAT
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Hymer Assembly Stand
Hymer Assembly Stand
£305.00 inc VAT
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Telesteps Solid Line Telescopic Platform
2 Year Guarantee
Odd Job 600 Work Platform 600 x 600mm
Odd Job 600 Work Platform 600 x 600mm
£98.00 inc VAT£137.21 inc VAT
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Why use a hop-up step?

When you need a lightweight and stable platform to complete odd jobs, hop-up steps are an excellent solution. They can be easily folded, transported, and opened wherever they’re needed. Our hop-ups are made of robust aluminium so they won’t tarnish, this means they can be stored easily and used time and time again!

Wondering if our hop-up steps will work for you? Get in touch with the Ladders UK Direct team to discuss any questions you may have. 

What is a hop-up in construction?

A hop-up is a small platform, often only a few feet in height that allows you to 'hop up' and reach heights that are just out of reach or as a work platform to work against. Hop-ups tend to be manufactured using high-quality, sturdy materials that are lightweight and easy to transport such as aluminium.

This makes a hop-up the perfect piece of equipment for tradespeople who are often the move! Coupled with the ability to be folded thanks to the hinged legs on either side of the platform, hop-ups are able to be easily stored, making them a go-to for many workers across a variety of industries. 

How do I use a hop-up safely?

Using a hop-up safely often comes down to common sense as it is a very simple piece of equipment to use. Ensure the maximum weight capacity isn't exceeded so that you remain stable when using a hop-up. Do not jump up and down whilst standing on top of a hop-up and do not overreach.

What types of hop-ups are available?

When it comes to the different types of hop-up available, you have a range to choose from. Many of the world's top ladder manufacturers such as Werner and Hailo offer hop-ups to suit a variety of different needs. Some hop-ups are wide, some are compact. Some are designed with additional handles for easier transport and some are designed with only one set of legs specifically designed to be used on stairs.

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