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Browse and buy high-quality ladders for all sorts of different jobs. These sturdy ladders are designed to help you work at height safely!

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we have a huge range of ladders available to buy at competitive prices. Our ladders are great value for money, and with so many different ladder types to choose from, you can get exactly the right tool for the job.

A single-section pole ladder can be a simple and cost-effective solution for many jobs, but if you need a bit of extra height, our double and triple extension ladders may be a better match for your requirements. These sturdy ladders can be adjusted to reach the correct height, and when the day's work is done, the ladder can be collapsed to a size that's convenient for transport and storage.

If you need something even more versatile, you may be interested in our multi-purpose combination ladders. These products offer several different configurations, meaning you can use a single ladder to carry out a variety of different jobs (for example, our best-selling Krause Light Trade Combination Ladder can be used as a leaning ladder, a free-standing ladder or a stairwell ladder).

No matter what type of ladder you select, we offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders, so the price you see is the price you pay. Next-day delivery is also available on selected ladders.


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  • No. Sizes: 5
  • Use Type: Heavy Duty
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Guarantee: 1 Year Guarantee
£119.00inc VAT
£158.21inc VAT
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Why buy ladders from Ladders UK Direct?

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we pride ourselves on offering the best ladders the industry has to offer.

Whether you need to buy a ladder for the home or for the workplace, we can help!

We've got fantastic offers on a wide range of ladders for domestic, trade and industrial use. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible, and on top of this, we offer FREE DELIVERY on every single order.

This means you can purchase a sturdy and reliable ladder that's perfectly suited to your requirements - without breaking the bank.


More reasons to buy from us

  • Thousands of Ladders UK Direct customers have given us 5 stars on Trustpilot, so you can buy with confidence.
  • We offer pro discounts for trade customers - with even more savings when you buy 10 or more of the same ladder.
  • We work closely with some of the industry's top brands to offer the best possible prices on ladders from trusted manufacturers.

Struggling to find the ladder you need? No problem. Contact the Ladders UK Direct team for professional guidance on buying a ladder.


What sort of ladder should I buy?

To make sure you buy the right ladder, think carefully about where you'll be using your ladder and what you'll be using it for.

An extension ladder provides lots of height, but you'll need a sturdy wall to lean it against. A simple step ladder is a good all-rounder that can be used for many different jobs, but a more specialised solution may be needed if you're planning to work in a stairwell or on uneven terrain.

What the ladder is made of also matters. Sturdy yet lightweight aluminium ladders are great for most tasks, plus they're easy to transport. However, if you're working with electricity, a non-conductive fibreglass ladder is preferable.

See our Ladder Buying Guide for more information.


Where should I keep my ladder?

We recommend keeping your ladder indoors in a cool, dry environment. Store the ladder horizontally if possible, ideally on a storage rack that is specifically designed for ladders.

READ MORE: How to Store Your Ladder


What can I do to stay safe while using my ladder?

When using a ladder to work at height, be sure to follow the Health & Safety Executive's ladder safety guidelines.

Here are some quick tips to help you stay safe:

  • Before you start, give the ladder a quick visual inspection. If the ladder appears to be damaged, don't use it.
  • Try to maintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times (e.g. both feet and one hand).
  • Avoid using your ladder in heavy rain / strong winds.
  • Don't rush! Take it slow and steady when you're climbing up and down the ladder.

Check out our ladder safety blog for more tips and advice.

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