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Caged Ladder FAQs | Ladders UK Direct?

What are caged ladders for?

As the name suggests, caged ladders are ladders that have a fixed guard in the form of a cage enclosing the ladders climbing space. These can be attached to either the ladder itself, or the building structure the ladder is affixed to.

These protective cages aim to reduce the fall risk by preventing users from falling backwards if they slip. Rather, they will be caught from their fall by the ladder cage, and have an opportunity to readjust their grip and better secure themselves on the ladder.

When should fixed ladders be caged?

According to UK regulations, ladders should not exceed 6 metres without an intermediate landing, and hoops (cages) should be fixed if the ladder exceeds 2.5m.


Caged ladders are especially useful for providing fall protection when you need to access hard-to-reach areas on your premises. Here at Ladders UK Direct, we take safety very seriously, which is why all of our caged ladders are certified to the relevant safety standards. Better yet, our caged ladders come with a 10-year warranty so you can climb with confidence for years to come! If you have any questions about our caged ladders, get in touch.

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