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Our extensive range of loft ladders includes wooden loft ladders, aluminium loft ladders, heavy-duty loft steps, folding attic stairs, loft and hatch kits, and more! We’ll help you make the most of your attic space in no time.

Why choose our loft ladders?

Across the UK there are hundreds of attics that aren’t being properly utilised. Why? Because lots of homeowners don’t have a working loft ladder to get up there!

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we offer loft and attic ladders in a range of materials (including aluminium and wood) as well as complete hatch and loft ladder kits for a complete attic transformation.

Alongside our extensive range of loft ladders and attic stairs, we offer a range of loft ladder accessories such as loft exit rails, to make your attic ascent and descent as safe and convenient as possible.

If you need help choosing the right attic ladder, or if you'd like to order your new loft steps over the phone, contact a member of the Ladders UK Direct team here.

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