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27 May 2021

What is a 3T scaffold tower?

When it comes to working at height, there is a lot of equipment to choose from that keeps you safe whilst on the job. From ladders to hop-ups and to steps and work platforms. But some of the most popular height safety products that is widely used across a variety of industries that work at height is a scaffold tower and more specifically, 3T scaffold towers. 

But what are they? And what makes them different to other scaffold towers? In this blog, we take a closer look at 3T scaffold towers, how they differ from other towers and some of the 3T scaffolds that are available to buy right here from Ladders UK Direct! 


3T Scaffold Towers 

3T scaffold towers are a type of scaffold tower that offers a method of erection known as 'Through The Trapdoor'. This is one of the approved methods of erecting a mobile scaffold tower, recommended by PASMA, the not-for-profit association for the mobile access tower industry and also the HSE.

This method of assembly greatly reduces the risk of the assembler falling, offering a greater sense of protection and safety to anyone that is using the product whilst working. 

By using this method of erection, the assembler sits on the platform trap-door to add or remove any guard rails above, protecting the assembler from standing on any unprotected platforms. 

Once guard rails are secured in place, the assembler can then climb onto the platform and proceed to construct the next level. 

3T scaffold towers also have a specific method for dismantling. After removing toe boards, the operator disengages guard rail hooks and guard rail components while positioned through the trap, before moving down to the next level.


What makes 3T scaffold towers different from other towers?

The other type of scaffold tower available besides 3T towers are AGR scaffolds, which stand for 'Advanced Guard Rail'. Here, rails can be assembled on the next level above the one on which the operator is standing. There are two types of system available known as ‘additional’ or ‘integral’.

The ‘additional’ system means that as each level is assembled, a permanent guard rail is added in place of the AGR, which is moved up to the level above.

The ‘integral’ system forms the advanced guard-rail as part of the tower structure so it remains in the same position until the tower is dismantled.


Are 3T towers safer than AGR towers?

In terms of which type of scaffold tower is safer to use, this is generally a subjective topic. However, if you're using the AGR system properly, you will never be exposed to the risk of falling by standing on an unprotected platform. 

3T towers are also a tried a tested method that has been approved by the HSE, so also offer adequate protection from falls. 


Our 3T Scaffold Towers 

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we offer a selection of high-quality 3T scaffold towers that ensure your safety whilst working at height. 

Designed and manufactured by the world's leading brands, you can have full confidence that when you buy a 3T tower from us, you will not be left disappointed. 

To view our 3T towers, simply click on your desired product below. 

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For more information on our collection of top-quality 3T scaffold towers, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Ladders UK Direct team today! We'd be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can.