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24 Jan 2024

what size ladder do I need for a 3-storey house?

3-storey houses aren’t as common as 2-storey or even single-storey houses in the UK, but they do exist.

On average, a 3-storey house is typically between 9 and 10 metres tall. The exact height will of course vary from one property to the next.

As you’d imagine, the additional height can make it difficult to access the roof, gutters and upper windows of a 3-storey home. Fortunately, there are ladders out there that enable you to reach them. To make sure you do so safely, here’s some handy guidance.


17 Jan 2024

footing a ladder

When using a leaning ladder for a quick job, it might be tempting to ask someone to quickly hold the ladder for you to make it more stable. This is called ‘footing’ a ladder.

While this may seem like a good idea in principle, it can actually be very dangerous. That’s because if the person using the ladder were to drop something or fall, the person below could suffer serious injury.


05 Jan 2024

roof ladder hooked over roof next to chimney - Can I Use a Step Ladder to Access My Roof?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, step ladders “should not be used to access another level, unless they have been specifically designed for this.”