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05 Jan 2024

roof ladder hooked over roof next to chimney - Can I Use a Step Ladder to Access My Roof?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, step ladders “should not be used to access another level, unless they have been specifically designed for this.”

If your step ladder is not quite tall enough, you might be tempted to balance on the very top of it to access your roof. However, in order to use a step ladder safely, you must never stand on the top step or top cap.

Even if you think your step ladder is tall enough, it’s much safer to use a to access your roof.


Accessing your roof with a roof ladder

Using a roof ladder to access your roof is not only safer, it’s also a lot more convenient. Our roof ladders are hooked at the top – these ridge hooks are specially designed to attach to the edge of your roof. Attaching your ladder to your roof in this way gives you extra stability so you can work safely and confidently.

When choosing a roof ladder, the most important thing to ensure is to make sure it’s long enough. Generally, roof ladders should reach from the eaves to the peak of the roof ridge.

When positioning your roof ladder, it can be easily slid into place. Simply put the wheels on the roof with the hooks facing upwards, then extend the ladder to the correct length, locking the safety clips into place. Once in place, turn the ladder over and fix the hooks over the peak. Always check your ladder is fully secure before ascending.


Unless your step ladder has been specifically designed for roof access, we do not recommend using a step ladder to access your roof. Instead, a roof ladder is certainly the best tool for the job. We supply a wide range of roof ladders here at Ladders UK Direct, including single section and double section ladders suitable for domestic and commercial use.

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