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01 Jul 2022

low angle shot of pink spiral stairs, illuminated by a skylight at the top of the stairs

Spiral staircases are a lavish addition to any home. They add style, a modern chic, and a bit of quirkiness! Not many people can say their homes have one, so you can be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Despite their brilliance, many parents and carers worry about the safety surrounding spiral stairs, especially for their little ones. Stair safety within your home is a valid worry for any parent, but there are things you can do to avoid any accidents and give yourself some peace of mind. 


  1. Make your stairs a clutter-free zone

  2. Install a gate

  3. Purchase non-slip mats

  4. Add storage to fill in the gaps

  5. Light up your stairway



modern and minimalist black external spiral stairs infront of light grey brick wall


1. Make Your Stairs a Clutter-Free Zone 

Keeping your stairs a mess-free space, this will diminish the risk of any trips or falls over random objects. This means that there are never any toys, shoes, or any other items in the way. It’s important that your stairs are never cluttered, and that they are always clear for quick and easy navigation.


2. Install a Gate

You can install a gate at the top and/or bottom of your spiral stairs. Ensure that it fits securely between the stairs. For extra safety, you can find stair gates that feature child-proof locks. This is probably the most effective option to prevent your child from having access to the stairs.


3. Purchase Non-Slip Mats 

Spiral staircases can feature a variety of different materials, some of which can be quite slippery - especially with socks on! Avoid any slips and trips by placing non-slip mats onto your stairs. There’s a huge variety of non-slip mats available in a variety of styles and colours, so matching your mats to the aesthetic of your home won’t be a problem. 


4. Add Storage to Fill in the Gaps

One of the things that makes spiral staircases so beautiful is the wide-gapped step panels, but unfortunately, they also pose a huge safety risk. This can be a difficult issue to rectify, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do any DIY to solve this problem!

Consider buying storage that fits under the curve of the staircase, such as the IKEA storage cube units. They’re stackable and height-adjustable (depending on the size you purchase), so you can create a barrier within the gaps. Also, you can never have too much storage!


5. Light Up Your Stairway

The final and most important thing – make sure you and your family can actually see! If need be, install lights to brighten up the area. This will help you see where you’re stepping when navigating the stairs.

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