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28 Mar 2024

man lying under pile of boxes after a fall - most common ladder accidents

Ladders are indispensable tools used across various industries and in domestic everyday tasks, allowing us to reach heights and complete tasks efficiently. However, despite their utility, working at height on a ladder can post significant risks if not approached with care.

Understanding the most common ladder accidents is crucial for ensuring safety on the job. Let’s explore some of the typical ladder accidents encountered in the UK and essential tips for preventing them.


26 Mar 2024

Why Are Ladders Made of Aluminium?

Ladders come in various materials, including steel, fibreglass, and aluminium. However, when it comes to popularity and widespread use, aluminium ladders stand out as the top choice for many. But what makes aluminium the preferred material for ladder construction? Let’s dive into the reasons behind this choice and explore the numerous benefits of aluminium ladders.


24 Mar 2024

worker wearing hi vis jacket - what is the safest type of ladder?

Short answer: there isn't one type of ladder that is definitively safer than others; the safest ladder for any task depends on various factors, including the intended use, environmental conditions, and safety features.

Ladders are essential tools for various tasks, from small-scale DIY projects at home to professional construction work. Choosing the right ladder for the task at hand is essential for ensuring safety and efficiency.


21 Mar 2024

tradespeople wearing hivis working at height on tall ladder - maximum working height for ladders

Ladders are invaluable tools for various tasks, both trade and domestic. However, ensuring safety while using ladders is paramount. In the United Kingdom, regulations regarding ladder use are established by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Let’s delve into what the law says about ladder maximum height and other crucial aspects of ladder safety.


15 Mar 2024

Fully extended telescopic ladder

In recent years, several reports have surfaced that claim a concerning number of telescopic ladders sold online don’t meet the minimum safety requirements.

As ladder specialists, safety is incredibly important to us here at Ladders UK Direct. That’s why we’ve written this guide on the topic of telescopic ladder safety so you can be sure that the equipment you buy is up to standard and safe to use.