What is a 3T scaffold tower?

When it comes to working at height, there is a lot of equipment to choose from that keeps you safe whilst on the job. From ladders to hop-ups and to steps and work platforms. But some of the most popular height safety products that is widely used across a variety of industries that work at height is a scaffold tower and more specifically, 3T scaffold towers. 

But what are they? And what makes them different to other scaffold towers? In this blog, we take a closer look at 3T scaffold towers, how they differ from other towers and some of the 3T scaffolds that are available to buy right here from Ladders UK Direct! 


super trade double section roof ladder

Looking for a high-quality roof ladder for a reasonable price? We have just the thing! This Super-Trade Double Section Roof Ladder is now better than 20% OFF!

But what makes this roof ladder different from the rest? Well, it's made of tough (yet lightweight) aluminium & steel which means it's easy to move around and won't rust. It features a heavy-duty roof hook and a sturdy aluminium crossbar that gives plenty of strength and stability while you work.


hop up in construction

When working in construction or any setting that requires you to work at height, there is often a myriad of products and equipment that allow you to complete your job easier and safer.

From ladders and work plaftorms to scaffolding and trestles, you are spoilt when it comes to choice. However, there is also another, simple piece of equipment that helps you to reach those awkward heights more easily; a hop-up. 

In this blog, we take a closer look at hop-ups that are often used within the construction industry, find out what they are and the different types available to you. 

So, without further ado, let'd hop right into it...