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12 May 2021

super trade double section roof ladder

Looking for a high-quality roof ladder for a reasonable price? We have just the thing! This Super-Trade Double Section Roof Ladder is now better than 20% OFF!

But what makes this roof ladder different from the rest? Well, it's made of tough (yet lightweight) aluminium & steel which means it's easy to move around and won't rust. It features a heavy-duty roof hook and a sturdy aluminium crossbar that gives plenty of strength and stability while you work.

The wheels have a large diameter which makes it easy for you to position the Super-Trade Double Section Roof Ladder where you need it. Better yet, all of the bearers have a protective PVC coating which creates extra grip between the ladder and the roof tiles. This extra feature makes this one of the safest roof ladders on the market.

If your roof has a pitch of between 15 and 55 degrees, then this is the perfect roof ladder for you. It comes in 4 different lengths/sizes and a 5-year manufacturers warranty so you can use it with confidence!

What are you waiting for? With over 20% OFF, this roof ladder is an absolute steal! Click the button below to purchase your Super-Trade Double Section Roof Ladder now, or head to our roof ladders page to check out our other products. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 01446 789538.

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