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31 Jul 2023

Platform step ladder

Strength and stability tend to fade as we reach old age, making them even more important in the equipment we use.

So, how can you ensure you’re using the right step ladder?


20 Jul 2023

ladder with plant decor on yellow background

We all know that a ladder is an incredibly practical and useful tool for getting jobs done around the house. But have you ever thought about using ladders as decor

In this blog, we'll talk you through 5 inspiring ideas for using a ladder as decor. Whether it be a temporary or permanent fixture in your home, these ladder decor ideas will definitely bring something unique and distinctive your space.


19 Jul 2023

 Extension Ladder Safety Tips - extension ladder leaning against the exterior of a multistorey house

An extension ladder is a great way of gaining extra height. But that extra height comes with extra risks, so here are some essential extension ladder safety tips.


10 Jul 2023

Scaffold Tower

Working at height requires stability to avoid serious injury or worse. Both work platforms and scaffold towers will give you the reach and stability you need to safely work at height.

However, there are several differences between work platforms and scaffold towers, and depending on the situation, one may be a better fit for your requirements than the other.


06 Jul 2023


Using a ladder is a matter of safety first. Comfort is important, but it is vital to wear the right safety gear when climbing up and down and working at height.