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10 Jul 2023

Scaffold Tower

Working at height requires stability to avoid serious injury or worse. Both work platforms and scaffold towers will give you the reach and stability you need to safely work at height.

However, there are several differences between work platforms and scaffold towers, and depending on the situation, one may be a better fit for your requirements than the other.

Work platform

The term “work platform” applies to any kind of raised platform on which you can work at height. From smaller hop-up platforms to large access platforms, these versatile pieces of equipment will give you a boost to reach tall shelves in the home or a warehouse, safely work on stairs, and more.

But these platforms can only reach so high, offering up to 3m of height, and they can only provide so much working room. A single hop-up platform may only have enough room for you to stand on it, meaning you can’t put down tools when you’re not using them.

So, if you need to work at height for longer, you may just need a scaffold tower.

Scaffold tower

A scaffold tower is a freestanding structure capable of supporting one or more work platforms. They offer a lot more stability than a regular ladder, and a lot more workspace than a work platform. This means you can work at height for a lot longer than you can with anything else. You can also install work platforms on a scaffold tower, but you can’t install a scaffold tower on a work platform.

You also get a higher reach with a scaffold tower, with some reaching as high as 12m. So, if you’re working on your roof, for example, you might be better off using a scaffold tower than a ladder.

A scaffold tower can also support a greater weight, with maximum loads of up to 950kg, while a lot of ladders and work platforms can only support maximum loads of up to 150kg.

Scaffold or Platform: What’s the right choice for me?

Ladders, work platforms, and scaffold towers are all useful for working at height. But choosing the right one is important, both for your safety and to ensure you get the job done properly. No matter what the job is or what height you’re working at, we’ve got the right equipment for you.

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