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14 Mar 2024

Person climbing a sliding ladder to acces the loft

Most UK homes have some kind of loft space. Some of us just store things like Christmas decorations and old clothes up there, but it’s becoming increasingly common to convert your attic space into a fully functioning room.

Whatever you use your loft for, it’s important that you can safely access it – we recommend installing a loft ladder for this. There are two main types of loft ladders: sliding loft ladders and concertina loft ladders. But how do they work? Keep reading to find out.


10 Jul 2023

Scaffold Tower

Working at height requires stability to avoid serious injury or worse. Both work platforms and scaffold towers will give you the reach and stability you need to safely work at height.

However, there are several differences between work platforms and scaffold towers, and depending on the situation, one may be a better fit for your requirements than the other.


19 Jun 2023

Modern Staircase Designs & Ideas - chic urban loft flat with black industrial style staircase

A new staircase can really liven up a space – so check out our guide to modern staircases and contemporary staircase ideas!


11 May 2023

Cheap step ladders for home use

Step ladders are extremely versatile pieces of equipment, and it's very handy to have one to use around the house. With spring in full swing, you may be thinking about carrying out a few spring cleaning tasks, or a few DIY upgrades around the house.

To do this, you'll undoubtedly need a reliable step ladder to help you get the jobs done efficiently. We all know that the cost of living is tough right now, which is why we're using this blog to tell you all about our favourite cheap step ladder for home use. 


19 Aug 2022

top ladder brands uk

At Ladders UK Direct, we're proud to work with some of the industry's biggest and most reputable ladder brands. You can easily shop by brand on our website - simply select a manufacturer to view their products.

Below are some of our best offers on ladders from the top brands (all prices correct at time of writing).Remember to enter the discount code SUMMER for an extra 10% off your purchase!