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Struggling to reach those high shelves? Don't risk injury by standing on a chair - use one of our safe and sturdy shelf ladders instead. Our shop shelf ladders allow you to access hard-to-reach places with ease. They're ideal for stockrooms, warehouses, libraries, and other environments with tall shelving units.

Why use a shelf ladder?

If you struggle to reach high shelves, our shop shelf ladders will provide you with a simple and safe access solution. These shelf ladders are fitted with secure hooks, non-slip feet, and some include handrails for extra safety while ascending / descending the ladder.

How to use a shelf ladder safely

Before ascending any ladder, you must always make sure that it is stable and secure. For shelf ladders, this means making sure that both hooks are firmly in place and that both ladder feet are firmly on the ground at a suitable angle. When climbing, try to maintain three points of contact at all time. If you need to transfer goods down the ladder, have a second party standing by ready to help so you’re not navigating the ladder with a load in your arms.

Where can shelf ladders be used?

Shelf ladders like those available from Ladders UK Direct are versatile and can be used in a range of different locations. These ladders can be fitted against most shelves. Whether you’re in a shop or warehouse, library or stockroom, our shelf ladders are likely to be compatible with your shelving units – all you need to do is select the appropriate height!

Why use a shelf ladder?
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