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29 Feb 2024

telescopic ladder vs extension ladder

Need an extending ladder but can’t decide between a telescopic ladder and an extension ladder? Keep reading – this guide looks at the pros and cons of both options.


21 Feb 2024

Leaning Ladder Safety Checks – How to Check a Leaning Ladder Before Use

Leaning ladders are commonly used in various tasks, ranging from household chores and DIY to more heavy-duty construction work. No matter how frequently you use your leaning ladder, it’s always important to carry out the necessary safety checks before ascending.

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, ensuring your leaning ladder is safe for use should always be a priority. In this blog, we’ll outline the essential safety checks you need to perform before using a leaning ladder, helping you minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.


16 Feb 2024

How to use a telescopic ladder

How to use a telescopic ladder safely

Telescopic ladders are perfectly safe to use as long as you follow the safety guidelines that apply to all leaning ladders. Check out our How to Climb a Ladder Safely guide for advice.

It is also crucial that you work on a level surface, i.e. a clean and flat floor. Never erect your telescopic ladder on an uneven floor as this could cause it to tip over. You should also never stand your ladder on something else to achieve additional height.


06 Feb 2024

aluminium ladder leaning up against shipping container decorated with graffiti - Do Ladders Have Expiration Dates?

Ladders don't have 'expiration dates' as such, but it is true that a ladder can only be used for so long before it becomes unreliable and unsafe. Climbing a rickety old ladder that's no longer fit for purpose may result in a nasty fall.