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06 Feb 2024

aluminium ladder leaning up against shipping container decorated with graffiti - Do Ladders Have Expiration Dates?

Ladders don't have 'expiration dates' as such, but it is true that a ladder can only be used for so long before it becomes unreliable and unsafe. Climbing a rickety old ladder that's no longer fit for purpose may result in a nasty fall.


How long should a ladder last?

A ladder's life expectancy is dependent on all sorts of different factors, including:

  • What it's made of
  • How often you use it
  • What you use it for

For example, a ladder that's only used for the occasional spot of DIY around the house will probably last longer than a ladder which sees frequent, heavy-duty use.

TOP TIP: Make sure your ladder is properly stored. This will help to extend the ladder's working lifespan.

Most of the ladders we sell here at Ladders UK Direct come with a guarantee, but the length of the guarantee varies from one ladder to the next. Some ladders, like our best-selling Super-Trade Plus Triple Extension Ladder, actually come with a lifetime guarantee!


How will I know when my ladder has expired?

Because ladders don't have expiry dates printed on them, it's important to inspect your ladder frequently. We recommend a quick visual check before every use, plus a more thorough inspection every few months.

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If you notice any of the following problems, do not use the ladder:

  • The ladder's feet are missing, worn away or otherwise damaged

  • The side rails are bent or damaged

  • Any of the ladder's rungs / treads are damaged, loose or missing

  • The ladder's locking mechanism is not functioning correctly

  • Paint, dirt or other stains on the ladder may be obscuring signs of damage

Even if the damage is fairly light, you should err on the side of caution and buy a new ladder instead of putting yourself in a potentially unsafe situation.

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