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30 Aug 2023

youngman staging board

Short answer: 'Youngman Board' is a term used to refer to a staging board. Youngman is a very popular supplier of staging boards, and the brand name is commonly used synonymously with staging board products due to the brand popularity.

There is a wide range of different access equipment designed to give you that added height you need to access hard to reach areas, and knowing which one is best suited to you can sometimes take a bit of research.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you’ve likely come across the term ‘Youngman board’ and have found yourself wondering ‘what is a Youngman board?’ If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place to find some answers!


24 Aug 2023

How to inspect a ladder 

Ladder inspection checklist

According to HSE (Health and Safety Executive), you must check the following when inspecting a ladder:

  1. Stiles: Make sure the stiles (also known as the side rails) are not bent or damaged in any way, or else the ladder could collapse beneath you.

  2. Feet: Check to see if they are missing, worn, or damaged. Make sure the anti-slip surfaces are also undamaged. If so, the ladder could slip as you use it.

  3. Rungs: Are they bent? Worn? Missing? Loose? If so, you could fall while using the ladder. More...
22 Aug 2023

extension ladders

Working at height comes with risks. If you're planning to use a leaning ladder, it's important to conduct a thorough risk assessment beforehand.


17 Aug 2023

loft ladder


Installing a loft ladder isn’t a legal requirement. There are plenty of ladder options out there to help you get into your loft. But who wants to traipse out to the shed or garage to get a ladder every time they need to grab something up there? Dragging a damp, dirty ladder that’s likely been gathering dust through your house is not ideal.

A loft ladder is the perfect solution.

It’s not only a matter of convenience, either. There are so many benefits that come with installing a loft ladder in your home.


14 Aug 2023

wide selection of different step ladders including heavy duty step ladders, fibreglass step ladders, step ladders with hand rails, tall step ladders and short step ladders

Step ladders are ideal for a whole host of jobs around the home and the workplace. Typically, they’re best used on small to medium-sized jobs, but there are a variety of step ladder sizes available.

When discussing the size of a step ladder, we need to think about both the height and width. In terms of height, you also need to consider the open height, reach height and stored height before concluding which will best fit your space.