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14 Aug 2023

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Step ladders are ideal for a whole host of jobs around the home and the workplace. Typically, they’re best used on small to medium-sized jobs, but there are a variety of step ladder sizes available.

When discussing the size of a step ladder, we need to think about both the height and width. In terms of height, you also need to consider the open height, reach height and stored height before concluding which will best fit your space.


What is the open height of a step ladder?

The open height of a step ladder is the height once it is fully assembled. It is measured from the ‘feet’ to the top cap (the very top, non-climbing ‘step’).


What is the reach height of a ladder?

The reach height of a ladder is simply the maximum height that a person can safely reach beyond the actual height of the ladder.


What is the stored height of a step ladder?

As you can probably guess, the stored height is simply the height of the ladder when folded and stored away.


What size is a standard step ladder?

Step ladders tend to be wider than typical ladders. Sizes range from approximately 400mm to 800mm in width.

In terms of height, step ladders tend to range from 1.0m – 6.0m.


What is the best size ladder for home use?

For smaller tasks, we recommend our Professional Platform Step Ladders with Handrails. Featuring 3 treads (including the platform), a stored height of 1.37m and an open height of 1.21m, this is a great option.

For slightly bigger jobs, our Professional Platform Step Ladder is ideal. The 6 treads (including platform) option has a stored height of 2.09m and an open height of 1.88m.


Need any help?

If you're struggling to find a ladder that meets your requirements, get in touch with Ladders UK Direct for assistance! We have a huge range of step ladders of varying sizes, and we're always happy to help.

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