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20 Apr 2024

person on step ladder holding a paintbrush

Step ladders are versatile tools that can be found in almost every household and workplace. From changing light bulbs to reaching high shelves, step ladders are indispensable for various tasks. However, knowing when to use a step ladder appropriately can make a significant difference in safety and efficiency.


14 Aug 2023

wide selection of different step ladders including heavy duty step ladders, fibreglass step ladders, step ladders with hand rails, tall step ladders and short step ladders

Step ladders are ideal for a whole host of jobs around the home and the workplace. Typically, they’re best used on small to medium-sized jobs, but there are a variety of step ladder sizes available.

When discussing the size of a step ladder, we need to think about both the height and width. In terms of height, you also need to consider the open height, reach height and stored height before concluding which will best fit your space.


10 Aug 2023

small step ladder

Both ladders and step ladders are great pieces of equipment to have on hand, but how do you know which one will work best for you? In this blog, we’ll break down the key differences between ladders and step ladders to help you choose the right one.


11 May 2023

Cheap step ladders for home use

Step ladders are extremely versatile pieces of equipment, and it's very handy to have one to use around the house. With spring in full swing, you may be thinking about carrying out a few spring cleaning tasks, or a few DIY upgrades around the house.

To do this, you'll undoubtedly need a reliable step ladder to help you get the jobs done efficiently. We all know that the cost of living is tough right now, which is why we're using this blog to tell you all about our favourite cheap step ladder for home use. 


03 Apr 2023

step ladder

You may know how to use a step ladder safely, but do you know how to carry a step ladder? In this blog, we'll explain how to carry a step ladder the right way so you can carry out your project with ease.