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26 Jun 2023

ladder for push up loft hatch

If you have to push your loft hatch up and away from you to access your loft space, it's very likely that your property has a push-up loft hatch. Whilst this type of loft hatch isn't as popular as its drop-down counterpart, there are still many advantages to having a loft hatch that opens in this way. For example, it's cheaper and space-saving!

One of the main questions that people with push-up loft hatches ask is: how do I get into my push-up loft hatch and which ladder should I use? Not to worry! In this blog, we'll outline the best way to access your push-up loft hatch using a ladder.


22 Jun 2023

man accessing loft


What's the best way to get into a loft? 

For easy loft access, we recommend a loft ladder. There are many different types of loft ladder to choose from. At Ladders UK Direct, we stock the following: 

Loft Staircases      Sliding Loft Ladders      Space-Saving Loft Ladders


If you're lucky enough to have a loft or attic in your home, you may be wondering the safest and most efficient way to get into this handy extra space. At Ladders UK Direct, we stock a range of loft ladders that are perfect for accessing your loft easily. 

In this blog, we'll talk you through the best way to get in and out of your loft easily, along with some nifty installation tips.


Is a loft ladder necessary? 

If you want to access your loft without a struggle each time you decide to do so, then, yes! A loft ladder is 100% necessary. It's also much safer than any other means of accessing your loft. 

It's best to see a loft ladder as an investment for safe, long-term access to your loft. Depending on your budget, we have a variety of loft ladders ranging from £179.00 to £1,099.00 so that any and all budgets can receive a product that offers safe loft access. Put simply, you truly cannot put a price on safety. 


Why install a loft ladder? 

There are many benefits to installing a ladder for loft access in your home. For example:

  1. You'll be able to access your loft space easily and more conveniently.
  2. You'll be safer throughout your ascent and descent into the loft space.
  3. You'll be able to access your loft in a rush without compromising the safety of yourself or others. 
  4. You'll be more inclined to make use of your loft space.


Loft access safety tips

If you already have a loft ladder, then you may be wondering how you can stay safe while gaining loft access. Thankfully, loft ladders are extremely safe for loft access if they're installed properly.

Here are a few loft access safety tips that we think you'll find useful...

  • Always inspect your loft ladder before using it to gain loft access.
  • Maintain 3-points of contact at all times. If this is not possible, push your chest and knees towards the ladder to make a point of contact so you can use your arms.
  • Always check the maximum load of your loft ladder. If this is exceeded, the stability of your ladder will be compromised, increasing the risk of a fall or injury.
  • Wear sensible footwear to ensure that you feel secure and stable when using the loft ladder.
  • If possible, it's handy to have someone else with you to supervise while you gain access to your loft. 


Ladder installation for loft access

It's easier to install a loft ladder than you may initially think. If you opt for an aluminium or wooden loft ladder, then the installation should only take 2 -3 hours. This process could take considerably longer if you need to create your own loft hatch, however. Don't worry, though - we've put together a loft access guide explaining how to install a loft ladder.

Some terms that you may need to know when building a loft hatch for loft access: 

  • Floor-to-Floor Height
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Height
  • Hatch Clearance
  • Loft Opening Width/Length
  • Horizontal/Vertical Clearance

Again, if you're a little bit daunted or overwhelmed, we put together a loft ladder measurements guide for your convenience.


Gain loft access with the perfect loft ladder

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we offer loft and attic ladders in a range of materials, including aluminium and wood. We can also provide complete hatch and loft ladder kits for easy installation.

If you need help choosing the right ladder for your attic, or if you'd like to order your new loft steps over the phone, please contact Ladders UK Direct today.

19 Jun 2023

Modern Staircase Designs & Ideas - chic urban loft flat with black industrial style staircase

A new staircase can really liven up a space – so check out our guide to modern staircases and contemporary staircase ideas!


07 Jun 2023

Ladder with stabiliser bar

Cast your mind back to the beginning of 2018: Theresa May was Prime Minister, everyone was falling in love with that man-fish thing from The Shape of Water, and the word 'covid' was still a couple of years from meaning anything at all.

It was around this time that the EN131 ladder regulations were updated and a number of new rules came into force regarding the design and manufacture of portable ladders. You can read our blog about EN131 if you want all the details - for now, there's one specific rule we'd like to focus on:


Leaning ladders, telescopic ladders and hinge-jointed ladders longer than 3 metres must be wider at the base to make them more stable.

- from the Ladder Association's updated EN131 guidance


The easiest way to make a ladder wider at its base is to fit it with a stabiliser bar. When the updated EN131 regulations came into effect, most British ladder manufacturers started fitting all of their ladders with a stabiliser bar as standard.

So a ladder without a stabiliser bar can be a difficult thing to find nowadays - and even if you could find one, it wouldn't necessarily be safe to use. Still, if you're absolutely determined to get your hands on a ladder with no stabiliser bar, you do have a few options...