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12 Jun 2020

Ladder stabiliser bar

We sell a wide variety of ladders here at Ladders UK Direct. As you browse our website, you may notice that a lot of our extension ladders come with a stabiliser bar included as standard.

A stabiliser bar is a horizontal bar that widens the base of the ladder to keep it from slipping. Very often, this 'foot' is integrated into the ladder's design, but stabiliser bars are also sold separately (in which case they can be attached or removed as needed).


Does my ladder need a stabiliser bar?

According to the updated EN131 ladder regulations, all ladders over 3 metres tall must have a wider base to improve stability and minimise the risk of slipping.

This is why many of our extension ladders now come with an integrated stabiliser bar as standard - it's there to help keep you safe while you're working at height.

We do have a limited number of extension ladders available without stabiliser bars - or rather, the stabiliser bar is detachable so the ladder could theoretically be used with or without it. We strongly recommend using these ladders with the stabiliser bar in order to comply with the EN131 standard. If you choose to use your ladder with rubber feet instead of the stabiliser bar, we advise you to make sure the ladder is tied off and footed at the base.


Examples of ladders with stabiliser bars

Our domestic double extension ladder features a 820mm stabiliser bar - this ladder is a great choice for DIY home use. It's available with 9, 11 or 13 rungs.

Domestic ladder with stabiliser bar

If you need a ladder that's suitable for commercial or industrial applications, we recommend purchasing our professional double extension ladder instead. Available in six different sizes, this product is specifically designed for trade use, and it too comes with a stabiliser bar.

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