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20 Dec 2023

are wooden ladders safe

Wooden ladders are perfectly safe, as long as they are properly maintained and inspected before use.

As with any piece of height access equipment, it is vitally important to follow the proper safety procedures when using a wooden ladder. A huge number of working at height related injuries happen as a result of falls from ladders, so understanding how to inspect and use one properly is key.


12 Dec 2023

 christmas ladder safety tips

Whether you’re putting the star at the top of the tree, dangling mistletoe over the doorways, or hanging up lights inside and out, there’s a good chance you’ll need a ladder to get the job done. To help you use it safely, we’ve put together a list of Christmas ladder safety tips.


07 Dec 2023

how far apart are the rungs on a ladder

SHORT ANSWER: EN131 standards allow for a gap between rungs of 225mm to 300mm.

On almost every ladder in the UK, the rungs are all spaced evenly apart with the same amount of space between each one. Read on to find out why!