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17 Aug 2023

loft ladder


Installing a loft ladder isn’t a legal requirement. There are plenty of ladder options out there to help you get into your loft. But who wants to traipse out to the shed or garage to get a ladder every time they need to grab something up there? Dragging a damp, dirty ladder that’s likely been gathering dust through your house is not ideal.

A loft ladder is the perfect solution.

It’s not only a matter of convenience, either. There are so many benefits that come with installing a loft ladder in your home.


Benefits of loft ladders:

  • More convenient – loft ladders are easier to use

  • Safer – loft ladders provide more stability

  • Encourage more loft use – easy access means you’re more likely to get the most out of your loft

  • More aesthetically pleasing – loft ladders are much nicer to look at and can be styled to match your home décor

Still not convinced? Below we break down exactly why a loft ladder is the obvious option.


Loft ladders are more convenient

As we’ve already touched on above, using a permanent loft ladder is far easier than fetching your ladder every time you want to access the loft.
How you set up your loft ladder will depend on which type you go for: folding loft ladder or sliding loft ladder.

Folding loft ladders, as you can probably guess, fold down from the hatch. Depending on the height of the ladder, most folding loft ladders will have three or four folding parts. When you open the hatch, the ladder begins unfolding – but don’t worry, it won’t fall out onto you. There are springs in place to ensure the ladder folds out safely. When you’re done, simply push the ladder back up into the loft!

Sliding loft ladders are comprised of two parts: a top section which is permanently attached to the hatch and a bottom section that slides down. To put the ladder away, simply slide it back into the top section.


Loft ladders are safer

As long as loft ladders are properly installed, they are very safe to use. While a free-standing ladder could fall at any time, loft ladders are secured in the hatch with a key pole. So, there’s no risk of them falling down and injuring someone. Keeping them locked with a key also stops your little ones from trying to get into the loft without you knowing.

Loft ladders are a lot more stable than other ladders, too. So, you won’t have to worry about the ladder slipping or shaking as much as you climb.

Setting up a rigid ladder yourself comes with lots of risks and there are so many factors to consider before deciding to climb up and down it – especially if you’re carrying big items like furniture, in which case you’ll want to feel as safe and stable as possible! A loft ladder can provide this peace of mind.

If you plan on moving lots of heavy items in and out of your loft, make sure you check the maximum load capacity of the loft ladder before you buy, for your safety.

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christmas decorations in the loft


Loft ladders encourage you to get more use out of your loft

Quick and easy access to your loft will encourage you to better utilise it. Rather than dreading that one time a year when you brave it up there to bring down the Christmas decorations, you could be getting so much more out of your loft all-year-round – and the first step is making it easier to get up there. That’s why loft ladders are so great.

Once your new loft ladder is installed, why not convert your loft into a spare bedroom or office space? This could even increase the value of your home!


Loft ladders look nicer

Whatever your home décor style of choice, there’s a loft ladder to match your aesthetic. From more rustic-looking wooden designs to smarter, more industrial-looking aluminium ladders, there’s a loft ladder for you.

If you have the space, you could even opt for a more permanent fixture like one of our space saving staircases for lofts. Freestanding staircases are super stylish and can add extra dimension to a simple room. They also come ready to varnish, stain or paint however you like!




Here at Ladders UK Direct, we offer a huge range of loft ladders and stairs that come in different styles and materials, such as wood and aluminium. So, there’s bound to be something for everyone! We can even provide complete hatch and loft ladder kits for easy installation.

If you require any assistance when picking out the best loft ladder for your loft or attic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ladders UK Direct today!

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