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12 May 2020

How to climb a ladder

  1. Grip the ladder firmly
  2. Take one step at a time
  3. Face straight ahead as you climb
  4. Maintain at least three points of contact with the ladder at all times
  5. Never slide down a ladder
  6. Don't carry any unnecessary items with you (light tools and materials only)
  7. Go at a steady pace - don't rush!


A ladder can be a safe and effective means of working at height, but you have to be careful when ascending and descending. Rushing to go up or down a ladder may result in a nasty accident - and we've already covered the injuries that can come from falling off a ladder.

When you climb a ladder, it's important to follow these safety guidelines from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive). Here are the key things to bear in mind while ascending / descending - make sure you check your ladder before you use it

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