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2m Fall Arrest Lanyard

Reference: 79208
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Material: Polyester Webbing
Product Code: 79208
Price: £78.00

2m Shock Absorbing Fall Arrest Lanyard | Product Description:

Produced by work renowned PPE supplier Werner, this 2 metre Fall Arresting lanyard has a fully integrated shock absorbing system with a slow-release mechanism to reduce the impact of a fall. Shock absorbing lanyards can significantly reduce the risk of accident or injury following a fall when working at height.

Key Features:

  • Reduces post-fall impact, preventing injury to user
  • Ergonomic and secure snap hook connecter with double action locking system
  • Scaffold hook anchors to scaffolding
  • Requires two points of contact to open for added safety
  • High contrasting edge stitching to aid identification of cuts to webbing
  • Reinforced loops eliminate wear and tear to webbing and keep connectors securely locked to the lanyard
  • Zinc passivated metal connectors to prevent rusting
  • Visible indicator of fall deployment
  • Certified to EN355:2002


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What does a shock absorbing lanyard do?

Like all fall arrest lanyards, shock absorbing lanyards suspend the fall of a user who has fallen when working from height. The lanyard, in conjunction with the other elements of the fall arrest system, suspend the user before they fall to the level below. The shock absorption element is an added section made from webbing that gradually tears when the force of a fall is applied. This slow tear reduces the momentum of the fall, reducing risk of injury that may be caused by the sudden jerk of an arrested fall.

Can a shock absorbent lanyard be used for fall restraint?

Technically yes, a shock absorber lanyard can be used in both fall arrest and fall restraint systems when working at height. This is because it is not possible for a user to manually generate enough force to activate the shock absorber element of the safety lanyard. However, we’d generally advise against using any product for anything other than its intended purpose.

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