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Lyte Roof Ladder (Single Section)

Reference: TRL130
£190.00 inc VAT
£217.00inc VAT
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Product Code
No of Rungs
Ladder Length
Stored Depth
Size: 2.95m
Product Code: TRL130
No of Rungs: 11
Ladder Length: 2.95m
Width: 325mm
Stored Depth: 95mm
Weight: 8.5kg
Price: £190.00
Size: 153.95m
Product Code: TRL140
No of Rungs: 15
Ladder Length: 3.95m
Width: 325mm
Stored Depth: 95mm
Weight: 11kg
Price: £219.00
Size: 5.0m
Product Code: TRL150
No of Rungs: 19
Ladder Length: 5.0m
Width: 325mm
Stored Depth: 95mm
Weight: 12kg
Price: £255.00
Size: 5.5m
Product Code: TRL155
No of Rungs: 21
Ladder Length: 5.5m
Width: 325mm
Stored Depth: 95mm
Weight: 13.5kg
Price: £279.00


Max Load:150kg
Use type:Trade
Guarantee:1 Year Guarantee
No of Sections:1
Rung Type:Round Rungs

Lyte Roof Ladder - Product Description:

  • Industrial non-slip rungs and box section stiles

  • Rubber-covered bearer bars distribute weight evenly, preventing roof damage

  • 1 single section

  • Made in the UK

  • Available in 4 different sizes

This Lyte roof ladder is designed to be used directly on the sloping edge of any roof. It’s fitted with round, serrated rungs to give the user a good grip, while the bearer bars ensure the load is spread evenly across the whole of the ladder. This dramatically reduces the risk of roof damage.

This lightweight single-section roof ladder is suitable for trade use. It combines the strength of a typical trade ladder with a heavy-duty ridge hook, making it ideal for roof work.

If you have any questions about this Lyte roof ladder, the Ladders UK Direct team will be happy to answer them for you. Get in touch for more information regarding our roof access products.

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Do roof ladders damage tiles?

The Lyte Single Section Roof Ladder has wheels that make it easy to roll the ladder across roof tiles without snagging or bumping heavily. It also has rubber-covered bearer arms which evenly distribute the weight of the user over a wider distance. When you choose this Lyte roof ladder, you'll prevent concentrated pressure from being put on the roof tiles, reducing the risk of damage.

Even the safest ladder can do damage to roof tiles if used carelessly. Be cautious when handling and using your Lyte roof ladder at all times.

How do I stay safe when using a roof ladder?

In the UK alone, around 48,000 people attend A&E after an accident involving a ladder. It’s safe to say that any work involving a ladder is potentially dangerous - here’s some advice on how you can stay safe when using a roof ladder.

  • Inspect the ladder for damage or faults before use
  • Check the surrounding area for potential hazards (e.g., pedestrians, children playing ball games, traffic)
  • Ensure the ladder is stable and secure before you start to climb
  • Ensure you maintain three points of contact at all times
  • Maintain a firm grip
  • Always face the ladder when climbing or descending
  • Avoid swinging or pushing the ladder from the side
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