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Hymer Black Line Telescopic Combination Ladder

Reference: 7006916
£235.00 inc VAT
£312.19inc VAT
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Product Information


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Product Code
Stored Height
A Frame Height
Extension Ladder Height
Size: 4 x 4 Rungs
Product Code: 7006916
Stored Height: 1.22m
A Frame Height: 2.05m
Extension Ladder Height: 4.02m
Width: 0.35m
Weight: 10.8kg
Price: £235.00


Certified to:EN131 Professional
Max Load:150kg
No of Sections:4
Can use on Stairs:Yes
Guarantee:5 Year Guarantee
Stabiliser Bar:Yes
Use type:Trade

Telescopic Combination Ladder - Product Description:

Telescopic combination ladders are the best of both worlds when it comes to ladders – they have the benefit of being adaptable to a wide variety of environments, whilst also being compact, easy to store, an easy to transport. If you’re looking for a diverse ladder that can be adapted to suit a wide range of tasks, telescopic combination ladders are the perfect solutions!

The Hymer Black Line Telescopic Combination ladder is no exception to this rule! This ladder is specifically designed with your safety and convenience in mind. The perfect combination of size and versatility, the Hymer Black Line telescopic combination ladder offers working heights up to 4.87m, yet when collapsed, it's nice and compact for easy storage.

This telescopic combination ladder can be used as a free-standing 'A frame' ladder or as a leaning ladder. It can even be used on stairs!
The wide stabiliser bar steadies the ladder and helps you to feel safe and secure while you're working at height.

Telescopic Combination Ladder Key Features: 

  • Use as a leaning ladder or step ladder

  • Durable stiles of high-quality extruded profile

  • Wide, comfortable rungs with 30mm depth

  • Steel hinge with locking clamp - easy to operate

  • Solid rung locks with steel inlay for height adjustment

  • Stabiliser bar for extra stability

  • Doesn't require much storage space

  • Easy to transport when collapsed

If you have any questions about this telescopic combination ladder, please don't hesitate to contact the Ladders UK Direct team.

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What Are the Benefits of Telescopic Combination Ladders?

Combination ladders are great tools to have when a range of jobs need to be carried out in different environments. Adding a telescopic element makes them easy to store, carry, and transport, as well as being diverse and adaptable.

How Do I Use a Telescopic Combination Ladder Safely?

Like all ladders, the basic rules of ladder safety apply: always maintain three points of contact, and depending what configuration you’re using your telescopic combination ladder in, adhere to the 4:1 principle (for every four feet of height, the ladder is one foot away from the wall). When setting up your ladder into a new configuration, ensure that all locking clamps and stabilising bars are firmly in place. Thoroughly inspect the ladder before use, and ensure that all points of the ladder are stable and secure.

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