best ladders for painting

Whether you're freshening up a white wall or adding a bold feature wall, a fresh lick of paint is a quick and easy way to transform your living space. Finding the perfect colour and buying the right equipment is only half the battle, the real challenge comes when it's time to apply your new paint.

Time and time again, we see people using kitchen stairs, coffee tables and upturned laundry baskets to try and reach the top corners and edges. Besides looking silly, these DIY methods of elevation are unstable and often dangerous. One small wobble and you could find yourself laying on your back, covered in paint and wondering what happened.

As with most DIY jobs, the best way to work at height is to invest in a suitable ladder. Today, we're taking a look at a few of the different ladder options you can choose from if you're planning to paint your home. We'll show you what the best ladders for painting are so that you can get started on your living space makeover. 

platform step ladders

Platform Step Ladders

Up there with one of the best ladders for painting is the humble platform step ladder. These step ladders really are great DIY all-rounders, but they're especially good ladders for painting because they feature a handy platform where you can put your can of paint, brushes and cuppa down.

Above you can see three of our platform step ladders. The first is the Hailo L60 Aluminium Step ladder, which features non-slip rubber feet for added grip on wood floors. The second is a more robust, Professional Platform Step Ladder which is perfect for those of you who do painting and decorating for a living. And the third ladder is one of our Youngman S400 GRP Platform Steps, perfect for painting (or plastering) in homes where there are exposed wires and sockets. The non-conductive nature of this platform step ladder will ensure you don't receive a nasty shock!

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Extension ladders

Extension Ladders

While platform step ladders are ideal for painting the inside of your home, they might not be the best ladders for painting the outside of your home. That's where our extension ladders come in. Providing you with double or triple the height of a regular ladder, you can paint the first, second and even third floor of your home - no problem. 

Here you can see one of our popular Domestic Double Extension Ladders which features deeply serrated feet for grip on uneven ground like gravel or grass. This extension ladder is great for painting and general maintenance jobs like cleaning windows and clearing gutters. We've also featured one of our best selling LFI Super-Trade PLUS Triple Extension Ladders, which is one of the strongest ladders money can buy. Perfect for professional house painters and tradesmen.

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With experience behind us, we honestly feel that platform step ladders are the best ladders for painting the inside of your house, and extension ladders are perfect for painting the outside of your house. We love these ladders because they're so versatile and can be used for other jobs too! If you have any questions, give us a call on 01446 789538.