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What Is the Best Loft Ladder?

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A question we get a lot from our customers is - what is the best loft ladder? The answer to this question varies depending on your loft, your decor and your needs. Will you be using the ladder often? Do you need a loft ladder that's suitable for someone elderly?

Does it need to fit in with the aesthetic of your home? There are several factors you need to consider before you make your purchase, but rather than buying blindly, let us help you find the best loft ladder for you.
Dolle Hobby (1200 x 700) Wooden Loft Ladder

Looking for a good all-rounder?

The Dolle Hobby Wooden Loft Ladder is our best-selling loft ladder. This highly functional product folds neatly away into three sections, and it has large, slip-resistant timber treads for easy and comfortable climbing.

  • Great value for money
  • 150kg maximum load
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 700mm

£188.00 inc VAT
Retail Price
£286.60 inc VAT
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Keep things simple with a concertina ladder

We offer a selection of superb concertina ladders for the loft. One example is the Columbus Piccolo Premium Concertina Ladder, a pull-down ladder that's easy to fit to an existing loft hatch.

A concertina loft ladder is a great choice if you don't have much storage space available. The ladder stores within the hatch space and won't take up any space in the loft itself. This makes concertina ladders the best choice for people who rarely use their loft and aren't looking for anything particularly sturdy.

£868.00 inc VAT
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Columbus Piccolo Premium Aluminium Concertina Loft Ladder
Dolle Lisbon Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit

Maximum comfort and stability

Looking for the deluxe option? Well, it doesn't get much more deluxe than our space-saving staircases. These ladders offer a nice, comfortable climb whether you're going up or coming back down. If you use your loft on a regular basis, you may want to go for something like the Dolle Lisbon Staircase Kit (pictured above).

We also tend to recommend these staircase-style loft ladders as the best option for elderly homeowners. The sturdy designs and optional handrails help to limit the risk of slips and falls.

£272.00 inc VAT
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What is the easiest loft ladder to fit?

The easiest type of loft ladder to fit is a sliding loft ladder like the Spacemaker. This type of loft ladder can be easily fixed to the inside of your loft or the existing loft hatch. While sliding loft ladders come in many sizes and styles, most are designed to fit perfectly into a typical loft hatch, so you won't need to extend or alter the opening to your loft in order to install one! All of our loft ladders (sliding or otherwise) come with installation instructions that are easy to follow, so even if you're a DIY novice, you shouldn't have any issues installing a loft ladder from Ladders UK Direct.

£115.00 inc VAT
Retail Price
£155.80 inc VAT
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Spacemaker Loft Ladder

More of our best-selling loft ladders

We've got lots of other loft ladders on offer here at Ladders UK Direct - be sure to browse our full range, and if you're still not sure which loft ladder is the best choice for you, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to assist you. Loft Ladders from Ladders UK Direct
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