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Super-Trade Plus Double Extension Ladders

Reference: H7DP50
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Ladder Safety


Falling from height is the most common cause of injury in the workplace. When shopping for ladders, don't be taken in by cheap, low-quality goods — put safety first and order an EN131-certified ladder from Ladders UK Direct.
Product Information


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Product Code
No of Rungs
Stored Height
Max Extended Height
Stored Depth
Stabiliser Bar
Size: 2.0m - 3.0m
Product Code: H7DP20
No of Rungs: 2 x 6
Stored Height: 2.0m
Max Extended Height: 3.0m
Width: 400mm
Stored Depth: 130mm
Stabiliser Bar: No
Weight: 9.5kg
Price: £137.00
Size: 2.5m - 4.0m
Product Code: H7DP25
No of Rungs: 2 x 8
Stored Height: 2.5m
Max Extended Height: 4.0m
Width: 400mm
Stored Depth: 130mm
Stabiliser Bar: 800mm
Weight: 10.5kg
Price: £168.00
Size: 3.0m - 5.0m
Product Code: H7DP30
No of Rungs: 2 x 10
Stored Height: 3.0m
Max Extended Height: 5.0m
Width: 400mm
Stored Depth: 130mm
Stabiliser Bar: 900mm
Weight: 12.5kg
Price: £188.00
Size: 3.5m - 6.0m
Product Code: H7DP35
No of Rungs: 2 x 12
Stored Height: 3.5m
Max Extended Height: 6.0m
Width: 400mm
Stored Depth: 150mm
Stabiliser Bar: 1.00m
Weight: 18.0kg
Price: £225.00
Size: 4.0m - 7.0m
Product Code: H7DP40
No of Rungs: 2 x 14
Stored Height: 4.0m
Max Extended Height: 7.0m
Width: 400mm
Stored Depth: 150mm
Stabiliser Bar: 1.20m
Weight: 18.0kg
Price: £258.00
Size: 4.5m - 8.0m
Product Code: H7DP45
No of Rungs: 2 x 15
Stored Height: 4.5m
Max Extended Height: 8.0m
Width: 400mm
Stored Depth: 180mm
Stabiliser Bar: 1.20m
Weight: 21.0kg
Price: £290.00
Size: 5.0m - 9.0m
Product Code: H7DP50
No of Rungs: 2 x 17
Stored Height: 5.0m
Max Extended Height: 9.0m
Width: 400mm
Stored Depth: 180mm
Stabiliser Bar: 1.20m
Weight: 23.0kg
Price: £292.00
Size: 5.5m - 10.0m
Product Code: H7DP55
No of Rungs: 2 x 21
Stored Height: 5.5m
Max Extended Height: 10.0m
Width: 410mm
Stored Depth: 170mm
Stabiliser Bar: 1.20m
Weight: 32.0kg
Price: £310.00


Certified to:EN131 Professional
Max Load:150kg
Use type:Trade
Guarantee:Lifetime Guarantee
No of Sections:2
Rung Type:D Shaped Rungs
Stabiliser Bar:Yes

Trade Double Extension Ladder - Product Description: 

The Super-Trade Plus Double Extension Ladder is an aluminium extension ladder that can be relied upon to provide stable support time and time again. With a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that these trade extension ladders are of a very high quality.

Key Features:

  • Conforms to the new EN131 Professional standard
  • Stabiliser bar included
  • Large comfortable ‘D’ shaped rungs
  • Rigid extruded box section stiles for added strength
  • Secure nonslip grip with PVC moulded feet


Our trade extension ladders are strong and durable, with a sturdy aluminium construction and a maxium load of 150kg. This product conforms to the new EN131 Professional standard for extension ladders, so it's ideal for trade use.


No matter what height you’re working at, the Super-Trade Plus Double Extension Ladder comes in a wide range of different heights, so you’re sure to find a ladder suited to your needs. Choose from the following sizes:

  • 2.0m - 3.0m Does not come with stabilser
  • 2.5m - 4.0m
  • 3.0m - 5.0m
  • 3.5m - 6.0m
  • 4.0m - 7.0m
  • 4.5m - 8.0m
  • 5.0m - 9.0m
  • 5.5m - 10.0m


With a wide variety of safety features, such as non-slip PVC feet and a secure stabilising bar, you can feel safe while working on one of our Super-Trade extension ladders. Furthermore, these 2 section trade extension ladders are fitted with the new patented interlocking clip as specified in the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005.

D Shaped Rung VS Square Rung


Delivery Information
Free Delivery on all Orders (UK Mainland Only)
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FREE Standard Delivery1-2 Days£0.00
Next Day Delivery1 Day (When ordered before 12pm) £9.95



How Can I Use This Ladder?

The Super-Trade Plus Double Extension Ladder has been approved for trade standard use. This tells you that it’s safe to use this ladder in heavy duty professional environments as it has been specially manufactured and designed to withstand these settings. You can be assured of this ladders durability since it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Why Use a Double Extension Ladder?

Double extension ladders have the advantage over single length ladders and step ladders of being able to close down into a shorter length. If you’re looking for a ladder that’s easy to transport and carry around that also only takes up a small amount of room when closed, a double extension ladder like the Super-Trade Plus Double Extension Ladder might be the right choice for you. 

Will This Ladder Work for Me?

Ladders UK Direct stock a wide range of different ladders, each with different heights, functions, and usability. Trying to decide which of our vast selection of ladders is best suited for you can be complicated, but Ladders UK Direct is here to help. We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service, so if you have any questions or would like some advice, reach out and contact us today. A member of our customer service team will be happy to advise you. 

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