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As much as we love to share our ladder guides and health and safety tips with's the season to be jolly! So, today we're bringing you a fun and creative DIY project that all the family can get involved in. If you're sick of finding pine needles everywhere, or you're tired of the cat ripping the decorations off the tree, then this ladder Christmas tree might be a great alternative for your home!

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we love a good Christmas decoration as much as the next person, and while a ladder can certainly be helpful for hanging mistletoe, lights and putting the star on the tree - it can also become part of the decorations with a bit of creative thinking!

We're going to show you how a simple step ladder can be turned into a sparkling tree for inside (or outside) your home. This is a great way to add an extra touch of festive magic without having to fork out on multiple trees. We also love the 'rustic' look these ladder Christmas trees offer.

Light it up

Nothing screams Christmas like wrapping things in fairy lights! While you're doing your bannister, your tree and your fence outside, make sure you purchase some lights for your ladder Christmas tree too. The best ones are battery operated so they don't need a mains connection.

This gives you a lot more flexibility to choose where you want your ladder Christmas tree to go. If you get outdoor fairy lights, you can even pop your ladder Christmas tree in the garden to give everyone a festive welcome as they approach your house.

Plant pots

If you simply can't live without the green shrubbery of a Christmas tree, you might want to add some potted plants on the rungs of your step ladder to give it a more natural look. The beauty of this is that you don't have to stick to the usual pine or conifer, you can choose any plants you like. We particularly love poinsettias with their bright red, Christmas colour!

Tinsel & trimmings

To finish off your ladder Christmas tree, add a selection of tinsel and trimmings like baubles and ornaments. This will give the finished 'tree' some character and charm! All you need to do now is wait for Santa to pop by and drop the presents off.

Whether you decide to go for something bold and bright or something stripped back and minimal, we're sure your ladder Christmas tree will look great! We particularly love the way these trees look in shop fronts and outside people's homes. Will you be giving it a try this year?

What ladder should I use for my ladder Christmas tree?

Most ladder Christmas trees are created using a step ladder because they're capable of standing on their own and they echo the typical 'Christmas tree shape'. Here are a few of our step ladders that we think would make great ladder Christmas trees! 

On the left is the 720 Series Fibreglass Podium Ladder that comes in a (very appropriate) red colour. On the right is our Heavy Duty Step Ladder in a more contemporary black shade.

Don't worry, no one is expecting you to buy a step ladder just for Christmas! Once they've been stripped of their lights and tinsel, these ladders will come in handy around the house and in the garden... you can't say that about your tree can you? 

Be sure to tag us in your pictures on Facebook or Twitter if you give this festive DIY idea a go. If you have any other questions about our ladders, don't hesitate to drop us an email at

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