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20 Apr 2024

person on step ladder holding a paintbrush

Step ladders are versatile tools that can be found in almost every household and workplace. From changing light bulbs to reaching high shelves, step ladders are indispensable for various tasks. However, knowing when to use a step ladder appropriately can make a significant difference in safety and efficiency.


29 Sep 2020

Before using a step ladder - or any other type of ladder, for that matter - it's important to carry out a thorough risk assessment. This will help you to determine whether a step ladder is actually the safest and most suitable solution for the task at hand.


09 Sep 2020

Before using a step ladder, you should make sure it is safe to use. If it isn't and you decide to use it anyway, you may be putting your health and safety at risk.

Below is a step ladder inspection checklist to help you ensure that your step ladder is fit for purpose. Read each step carefully and fill in the relevant information where needed.

Step ladders should be checked briefly before every use, and formally inspected using this checklist every 6 months (if used once a week or more) or 12 months (if used less than once a week).

Step ladder inspection checklist

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By following the above checklist, you can ensure that your step ladder is safe to use. If your step ladder is not fit for use, we have an extensive range of step ladders available here at Ladders UK Direct. From regular to GRP step ladders and warehouse to platform steps, we have a step ladder to suit every situation.

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