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06 Feb 2024

aluminium ladder leaning up against shipping container decorated with graffiti - Do Ladders Have Expiration Dates?

Ladders don't have 'expiration dates' as such, but it is true that a ladder can only be used for so long before it becomes unreliable and unsafe. Climbing a rickety old ladder that's no longer fit for purpose may result in a nasty fall.


07 Jun 2023

Ladder with stabiliser bar

Cast your mind back to the beginning of 2018: Theresa May was Prime Minister, everyone was falling in love with that man-fish thing from The Shape of Water, and the word 'covid' was still a couple of years from meaning anything at all.

It was around this time that the EN131 ladder regulations were updated and a number of new rules came into force regarding the design and manufacture of portable ladders. You can read our blog about EN131 if you want all the details - for now, there's one specific rule we'd like to focus on:


Leaning ladders, telescopic ladders and hinge-jointed ladders longer than 3 metres must be wider at the base to make them more stable.

- from the Ladder Association's updated EN131 guidance


The easiest way to make a ladder wider at its base is to fit it with a stabiliser bar. When the updated EN131 regulations came into effect, most British ladder manufacturers started fitting all of their ladders with a stabiliser bar as standard.

So a ladder without a stabiliser bar can be a difficult thing to find nowadays - and even if you could find one, it wouldn't necessarily be safe to use. Still, if you're absolutely determined to get your hands on a ladder with no stabiliser bar, you do have a few options...


22 Jul 2021

Man using an unsecured ladder

Falling off a ladder can result in some very serious injuries, so before you put your foot on that first rung, it's important to make sure that the risk of a fall is as low as possible.

For example, if you're planning to use the type of ladder that leans against a wall, you must first ensure that the ladder is properly stabilised.


23 Feb 2021

Hop-up step

Need a bit of extra height while working? A ladder isn't always the most practical solution - sometimes, it's both quicker and safer to use a hop-up work platform.

When trying to complete a task or access an item that’s just out of reach, sometimes a ladder isn’t always the best option. Hop-up steps are quick and easy to use, and give you the boost you need to get your task done quickly and efficiently.

There are a variety of different designs when it comes to hop-up steps, so no matter what the task at hand is, there’s a hop up step suited to you and your needs. Hop-up steps are undoubtedly a handy reaching tool, but how do you know which hop-up step is right for you?


22 Dec 2020

Man climbing up a wooden loft ladder

If you want to access your attic more easily, installing a loft ladder is a great way to achieve this. A permanent loft ladder saves you the hassle of fetching and setting up a conventional ladder every time you want to go up there - and most loft ladders can be neatly folded away when you're done.

Before you purchase a loft ladder, though, we recommend taking a moment to familiarise yourself with the different types of loft ladder that are available. Here's a quick guide from Ladders UK Direct...