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While there are a lot of jobs that can be completed with a ladder, there are some scenarios when a ladder simply won't do. How do you know if you should use staging boards and handrails? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can a ladder provide me with the right amount of space to work?
  • Can I complete the job in a few hours or less?

If you answer no to both of these questions, then it might be worth looking into our staging boards and handrails. These products are designed to provide you with space and stability while you work at height. They're non-slip and allow you to work continuously without going up and down a ladder multiple times throughout the day! Ideal if you're painting a house, renovating or working on site.


How to use staging boards

First of all, you need to choose staging boards that are the right length and width for the task at hand. Here at Ladders UK Direct, we supply staging boards in a range of widths and lengths, so you should have absolutely no problem finding one that suits you.

Using staging boards to work at height couldn't be simpler. All you need is a set of trestles that are the appropriate height for the job at hand. Once they're in place, lay your staging boards across the gap and ensure they're secure before starting to work. Staging boards can also be used to bridge an existing gap as long as they're supported properly. If you'd like extra security, we'd recommend using a staging board with built-in handrail(s). These can make it easier to tackle precarious tasks and should help to prevent accidental slips and falls.


Take a look at our staging boards

Here's a selection of staging boards and handrails for you to choose from. As always, if you have any questions about these products, please feel free to contact the Ladders UK Direct team.


600mm staging board

600mm Staging Boards

Our 600mm staging boards boast a range of features that make them perfect for working at height. They boast non-slip, rot proof decking, rubber inserts to prevent aluminium on aluminium slip and heavy-duty rubber end caps. These boards come in lengths from 2.4m to 6.0m, so whether you need to bridge a large or small gap, there's a 600mm staging board that'll work for you.

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Staging board with single handrail

Staging Board Kit with Single Handrail

When you need a bit of extra stability at height, our staging boards with single handrails are an excellent choice. This staging board is made of aluminium but features a rubber insert to prevent aluminium on aluminium slip. Much like our other staging board, this staging board with a single handrail comes in lengths from 2.4m-6.0m, so we're sure you'll find one that suits the task at hand.

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staging board kit with double handrail

Staging Board Kit with Double Handrail

If you're looking for the ultimate staging board solution for working at height, this staging board kit with double handrail could be the solution. These staging board kits are ideal for working at extreme heights and are sure to provide maximum stability while you work. Putting the kit together is simple, so you'll be able to start working at height in no time! These staging boards feature non-slip rot proof decking and high-grade posts and handrails so you know you're purchasing equipment that'll last for years to come.

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Not sure if any of these staging boards are right for you? Take a look at our entire range of platforms and staging. This equipment will help you work at height in any environment. If you have any questions about the staging boards mentioned in this blog, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

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