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12 Dec 2023

 christmas ladder safety tips

Whether you’re putting the star at the top of the tree, dangling mistletoe over the doorways, or hanging up lights inside and out, there’s a good chance you’ll need a ladder to get the job done. To help you use it safely, we’ve put together a list of Christmas ladder safety tips.


07 Dec 2023

how far apart are the rungs on a ladder

SHORT ANSWER: EN131 standards allow for a gap between rungs of 225mm to 300mm.

On almost every ladder in the UK, the rungs are all spaced evenly apart with the same amount of space between each one. Read on to find out why!


28 Nov 2023

ladder safety in winter

On an average day in the UK, there can be as many as two million ladders in use. That includes during winter, when people are putting up or taking down festive decorations, or sorting out emergency plumbing problems. The harsher weather of winter makes ladder safety a much higher priority than it is at any other time of year.


23 Nov 2023

my ladder is not tall enough

Picture this: you have everything you need to clean your gutters out, including a brand-new ladder, but disaster strikes! When you set it up, the ladder is too short for you to reach into the gutters. What can you do to solve the problem? Read on to find out.


20 Nov 2023

what is the belt buckle rule

In short, the belt buckle rule is a safety rule that says you must keep your belt buckle in between the side rails when using a ladder. Read on to find out more.