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23 Nov 2023

my ladder is not tall enough

Picture this: you have everything you need to clean your gutters out, including a brand-new ladder, but disaster strikes! When you set it up, the ladder is too short for you to reach into the gutters. What can you do to solve the problem? Read on to find out.


How To Make a Ladder Taller

In simple terms: don’t. Other than fully extending a combination or extension ladder, there is no safe way to make a ladder taller.

For a ladder to work properly and safely, it needs to be used in the way it was designed and intended. You should not use it in a way that conflicts with either the manufacturer instructions or, more importantly, with HSE guidelines.

This means not putting it on a platform to make it taller. It also means not putting your ladder on a scaffold tower. In short: don’t put your ladder on any surface that isn’t stable, solid ground. On top of this, you shouldn’t overreach while on your ladder, as this can unbalance the ladder, leading to a fall.

If you’re using an extension ladder or a combination ladder, and you realise you haven’t fully extended it when you get to the top, you should get down and fully extend it properly. That way, you’re firmly on the ground and the ladder can be extended safely.

The best way to make sure your ladder is the right height for the job you’re doing is to calculate the ladder length you need ahead of time, and purchase a new one if necessary.

Check out our guide to the essential ladder safety rules for more information on how to use a ladder properly.

If you need any help in finding the right ladder for your work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be only too happy to help you find what you need.

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