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10 May 2024

Different ladder types

Nowadays, ladders come in all shapes and sizes to suit a huge range of jobs and environments. While all ladder types are useful, it’s important to know which one is best suited to the job at hand. Using the wrong type of ladder could put your safety at risk.

To help you understand the difference between them, we’ve put together this handy list of ladder types and how to use them…


07 Dec 2023

how far apart are the rungs on a ladder

SHORT ANSWER: EN131 standards allow for a gap between rungs of 225mm to 300mm.

On almost every ladder in the UK, the rungs are all spaced evenly apart with the same amount of space between each one. Read on to find out why!


23 Nov 2023

my ladder is not tall enough

Picture this: you have everything you need to clean your gutters out, including a brand-new ladder, but disaster strikes! When you set it up, the ladder is too short for you to reach into the gutters. What can you do to solve the problem? Read on to find out.


25 Oct 2023

when should you not use a ladder

Working at height often requires use of a ladder: they are safer than standing on a chair or tiptoes, for example. However, there are definitely times when you should not use a ladder, so we’ve put together a guide to determining when it is not safe to use a ladder.


04 May 2023

person stood on white metal platform step ladder - using ladders in the workplace

Ladders are an incredibly useful and versatile tool that are perfect for a wide range of uses in different settings – however, they aren’t without their risks. Falls from height are the most common kind of workplace fatality, many of which involve a ladder. Even to the most experienced user, ladders can still be the cause of a dangerous accident.

There are multiple helpful ladder workplace safety guides available from organisations such as HSE and The Ladder Association. If you’re looking for a condensed and easy to follow guide on safely using ladders in the workplace, you’re in the right place! More...