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How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

There’s no denying it: the most wonderful time of the year is upon us and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas once again!

Whether it’s the first sight of the Coca-Cola truck, the first play of “Fairytale of New York” or the first taste of a Greggs festive bake, the joy and excitement of the Christmas period is simply inescapable.

For many households, that yuletide enthusiasm translates into decorative motivation, as thoughts quickly turn to festifying the homestead for the impending… well, festivities!

If your decorative plans include illuminating your external property this holiday season, ensure you do it right with this handy guide on how to hang outdoor Christmas lights safely.


How Do You Put Christmas Lights Outside?

When it comes to using Christmas lights outside, the first thing to consider before anything else is how you plan on powering your outdoor lights.

If you have an outdoor power supply or a weatherproof extension cable, you may want to consider mains-powered outdoor Christmas lights.

Conversely, if you want to avoid trailing cables and/or don’t have an outdoor power supply, you may wish to explore the battery-powered route for cableless ease.


How Do You Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights?

Once you have identified how you plan to power your lights, the next job is to decide how you plan to hang them. Many Brits opt for the hanging “icicle” effect, while highlighting features – such as doors and windows – is also a popular option.

Whether you’re hanging outdoor Christmas lights around a window frame or leaving them to dangle majestically from the guttering, purchasing gutter hooks and/or decorating clips is a wise move.

These miniature fasteners will allow you to easily and efficiently hang your lights at regular intervals without damaging your property. Better still, they also allow for easy adjustment, should you need to tweak the spacing.

Once the hooks are fastened in place, thread the lights through the clips to create the desired effect. Work backwards from the socket if using mains-power to avoid prematurely running out of lights/space. Avoid leaving any hanging wires to create a neater (and safer) finish.


Can I Hang Christmas Lights Without a Ladder?

Like any DIY task, it’s important to have the correct tools for the task at hand. With this being a ladder website, it’ll probably come as no surprise that we recommend putting a ladder at the very top of the shopping list.

While there a number of tips and guides online on how to hang Christmas lights without a ladder, doing so is much like hammering in a screw – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Hanging outdoor Christmas lights without a ladder can be extremely dangerous and is an accident waiting to happen. Eliminate an avoidable festive disaster by simply getting the right tools for job, biting the bullet and getting a good ladder.

After all, the only fall anyone wants to see at Christmastime is Hans Gruber tumbling from Nakatomi Plaza. Use a ladder when hanging your Xmas lights to turn your decorative dismay into yippee-ki-aye.


Top Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights Safely

As seen in the previous section, the golden rule of hanging Christmas lights is to always use a ladder to do so. However, there are a few other tips to keep in mind when you’re hanging your outdoor lights.

It’s important to ensure your ladder is firmly on solid ground before scaling it. Make sure the surface is level and there is no danger of the ladder rocking or toppling – it’s too late once you’re on the top, so be sure to check before you ascend.

If using a step ladder, it’s also wise to check that you can reach the highest point you need without standing on the very top step. Scaling the top step can make for uneasy stability and increase your chances of a nasty fall.

Finally, if possible, enlist the aid of a friend, family member or neighbour and get them to hold the latter at the base while you climb. This can help to ensure the ladder maintains a steady position while your above ground.


Ladders for Hanging Christmas Lights

At Ladders UK Direct, we have a wide variety of ladders to choose from, ranging from step ladders and hop ups to DIY extension ladders and work platforms. Each ladder is designed to suit a specific task and environment, with some better for the job than others.

For example, if you’re hanging your Christmas lights from the roof of your house, you may want to consider using a roof ladder. Meanwhile, for porch decorations and ground floor windows, a stepladder should work perfectly.

With a variety of affordable ladders in our sale section, there’s really no excuse for not taking the appropriate precautions. Turn your property into a winter wonderland by lighting up your home safely this Christmas with Ladders UK Direct.


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