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29 Nov 2022

passenger in car looking at map in travel guide - how to say ladder in different languages

Most pocket travel guides have handy phrases you might need to know when visiting a foreign country, such as ‘one coffee please’ and ‘where is the hotel?’ – but have you ever wondered how to say ladder in different languages?

If you’re ever in Poland and want to kupić drabinę (buy a ladder), we’ve got you covered! In fact, we’ve got you covered in 25 different languages. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


How to Say Ladder in 25 Different Languages:

  1. English: ladder
  2. Polish: drabina
  3. Spanish: escalera
  4. Afrikaans: leer
  5. Greek: σκάλα
  6. French: échelle
  7. Arabic: سُلُّم (sullum)
  8. Portugese: escada
  9. Samoan: apefai
  10. Chinese: 梯子 (tizi)
  11. German: leiter
  12. Somali: sallaanka
  13. Korean: 사다리 (sadali)
  14. Maltese: sellum
  15. Dutch: ladder
  16. Hawaiian: alapi’i
  17. Filipino: hagdan
  18. Japanese: はしご (Hashigo)
  19. Maori: arawhata
  20. Turkish: merdiven
  21. Uzbek: narvon
  22. Thai: บันไดปีน (Bạndị pīn)
  23. Swedish: stege
  24. Serbian: мердевине (merdevine)
  25. Malay: tangga


And there we have it! 'Ladder' in 25 different languages! We hope this has been a fun and educational read for you!

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