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18 Sep 2023

stairwell ladder

If you’re trying to paint a stairwell, using a stairwell ladder will help. Read on to find out more.

Stair Ladders for Decorating

If you’re painting in a room with a flat floor, you’ll be able to use a step ladder. But a stairwell doesn’t offer a flat floor. So, how do you work at height if a staircase is your base?

There are several varieties of ladder that work on staircases. Fully adjustable, a stairwell platform provides a stable surface from which to work regardless of the height of the stairs. The platform not only offers a flat surface on which to rest your paint, but also the ability to work at height for longer than working on a ladder.

Alternatively, you may prefer a combination ladder. As the name suggests, these ladders can be configured in many different ways. This versatility makes them ideal for use in a stairwell because you can adjust them for various heights. Some combination ladders have their own platforms, allowing you to work at height for longer. Other combination ladders are easier to adjust than a stairwell platform, meaning you can complete your work quickly.

Ladder Safety

Along with the usual ladder safety rules, combination ladders have their own health and safety guidelines. These include:

• Ensuring the lock mechanism is fully engaged before use. You don’t want it to fail mid-paint!

• Recheck the locking mechanism every time you change the ladder’s setup

• Never extend the top section beyond any limit markers

• Don’t overreach – if you can’t reach an area to work in, move the ladder closer and adjust accordingly

Stairwell platforms and combination ladders will enable you to paint a stairwell with ease if you use them carefully.

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