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21 Sep 2022

5 interesting ladder facts

Interesting Facts About Ladders


  1. Ladders have been around for about 10,000 years!

Rock paintings in Spain’s Cuevas de la Arana (known to English speakers as the Spider Caves) suggest that humans were using ladders to reach high places even in prehistoric times.


  1. The world’s longest ladder is more than 40 metres long.

The Handwerks Museum in Austria created the world’s longest ladder, as certified by Guinness World Records. The ladder is made of wood, has 120 rungs, and measures just over 41 metres.


  1. The first step ladder was invented by John H. Balsley in 1892.

He designed a model with hinges that enabled users to fold the ladder up for easy transportation and storage.


  1. Ladders are mentioned in the Bible.

Jacob’s ladder, which features in chapter 28 of Genesis, is considered by Christians to be a symbol of the divine connection between God and the Earth.


  1. The Devil’s Tower Ladder is the only ladder on the National Historical Register.

On July 4 1893, Rogers and Ripley were watched by over 1000 spectators as they climbed the 350ft summit.


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